Upcoming Releases (February 2016)

Why don’t we make this looking-at-upcoming-games thing a monthly tradition? I’ll suffer through reading about horrible games, and you’ll look on in admiration. It’ll be fun.

Information included below is strictly on an if-I-felt-like-it basis, so some titles will have more description than others. Like I said last time, anyone that wants more info on one of these can ask, though if the game’s not out and there’s no trial, I probably can’t do much for you. Some titles may be missing, since I made the list a while ago, and some titles may have been pushed back, through I tried to remove any that I noticed being delayed.

Neko Para Vol.2 ~Shimai Neko no Shukure~ (ネコぱら Vol.2~姉妹ネコのシュクレ~)

Catgirls in a patisserie. A sequel to 2014’s Neko Para Vol.1. An English release is also scheduled.

Houkago 3 ~Nerawareta Junketsu~ (放課後3 ~狙われた純潔~)

The third entry in this series by Bishop. Unrelated stories, I believe. The protagonist works a girls’ school. Because he likes schoolgirls. Don’t expect too much.

Ichi Bun no Ni Koigokoro (1分の2恋ゴコロ)

Rather than attending school, Amakaze Aoi works to support his twin younger sisters, Hina and Runa. Working hard for his sisters, he encounters his old kouhai Minori and his shy and reclusive neighbour Koyuki. Little by little, these encounters change his relationship with his sisters.

Tetsu to Ra (鉄と裸)

Fantasy, tentacles, kingdom of women, evil archmage. I think we’ve heard this story before. If the art looks familiar, that’s because it’s by Sakurajima Saromako, who does the art for all of Tsurumiku’s games (among others). Actually, the art’s quite nice.

Otome Riron to Sono go no Shuuhen -Belle Epoque- (乙女理論とその後の周辺 -Belle Epoque-)

Fandisc for Otome Riron to Sono Shuuhen -Ecole de Paris- focusing on Resona, Meryl, and Bluette. Once upon a time, they say, the main heroine, who was the protagonist’s little sister, lost in a popularity contest to subcharacters. Bitter tears were wept, etc., but now she gets to star in a fan disc, so everything is super. Something like that.

World Election (ワールド・エレクション)

Fantasy themed thing with kemonomimi and, for some reason, a student council election. That seems about par for the course for Whirlpool.

Mamiya-kunchi no Itsutsugo Jijou (間宮くんちの五つ子事情)

A sweet love story with a set of quintuplets (one brother and four sisters, of course) and, as a bonus, a rich girl who declares herself the boy’s fiancee. No, wait, as a bonus, they all work in a cafe. Oh, and, as a bonus, their (female) cousin is their teacher, so she’ll probably figure in there, too. Oh, and as a bonus… just go download the trial if this collection of cliches sounds entertaining.

Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart -Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat.- (ノラと皇女と野良猫ハート -Nora,Princess,and Stray Cat.-)

School comedy with a twist.

Nora is an ordinary guy with a happy life, living together with Shachi, a reliable girl his parents adopted before their death. One day in the park he meets Patricia, a princess of the underworld who came to destroy the world, but immediately collapsed upon coming into contact with the energy of living things. Patricia falls in love with Nora

Okay, that’s a pretty ordinary twist. Harukaze’s previous game was also a school comedy, so this is not new ground for them.

Amaekata wa Kanojo Nari ni. (甘えかたは彼女なりに。)

Another school comedy, this one by Giga, who did.. hmm… Baldr Force and a bunch of other stuff I haven’t played..

Omokage Railback (面影レイルバック)

Small town romance from Haikuo Soft.

Lovecha ~Tsumasakidachi de, Hitomi o Tojite~ (らぶちゃ ~つま先立ちで、瞳をとじて~)

Masashi is a teacher. And a virgin. He intends to cure this condition with the aid of his students.

Hametoku ★ Orikou JK Pet Ayane & Yuuna ~Gakkou de Seishun!~ (ハメ得★おりこうJKペット 綾音&優菜 ~学校で性春!~)

Nukige. Honor student Kanzki Ayane is caught masturbating at school, and in exchange for their silence the boys make her their sex slave. Underclassman Hayami Yuuna wants to help her, but is drawn in as well.

Mesu Nie Gari ~Ingyaku no Arcade-gai (牝贄狩~淫虐のアーケード街)

Nukige. Violent nukige, more specifically.

Koi to Mahou to Kanrinin ~Unmei no Haguruma Hen~ – (恋と魔法と管理人 ~運命の歯車編~)

Magic something-or-other in a school setting. “Love, Magic, and the Manager ~Gears of Fate Chapter~” doesn’t really sound like a sensible title, to me…

Osakoi ~Ore to Futari no Ama Ama Gohoushi H Seikatsu~ (おさこい ~俺と二人の甘々ご奉仕H生活~)

Love triangle with two osananajimi. And maybe a younger sister. Animated.

Harem Game ~Ore wa Kore no Okage de Eroge no Shujinko ni naremashita!~ (ハーレムゲーム ~俺はコレのおかげでエロゲーの主人公になれました!~)

The protagonist, using his hard-won skills as an eroge player, intends to ‘capture’ the “White Lily Society”, a group of oujo-sama at his school, as his harem.

Saimin Class WONDERFUL ~Joshi Zenin, Shiranai Uchi ni Mata Ninshin Shitemashita~ (催眠クラス WONDERFUL ~女子全員、知らないうちにまた妊娠してました~)

Hypnosis game. Sequel to 2014’s Saimin Class.

Mesu Ochi Kyonyuu Tsuma wa Ore no Mono ~ Make-gumi no Ore ga Kachi-gumi no Yuujin Kara Bijin Tsuma o Netoru Hanashi ~ (牝堕ち巨乳妻は俺のモノ ~負け組の俺が勝ち組の友人から美人妻を寝取る話~)

Netori revenge game.

Ore no Kanojo ga Shuushoku Shita Kaisha wa, Black Kigyou Datta… (俺の彼女が就職した会社は、ブラック企業だった…。)

In the least shocking news this month, Lune Team Bitters releases an NTR game.

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