Manbiki Musume Momoiro Seisai Manbiki Shita Osanazuma ni Nama Hame Nakadashi!!

Manbiki Musume Momoiro Seisai Manbiki Shita Osanazuma ni Nama Hame Nakadashi!! (万引娘桃色性裁 万引きした幼な妻に生ハメ中出し!!, Official Homepage) is a 2015 visual novel by Red Zone.

At her parents’ direction, Mariko had an omiai and married straight out of college. She’s not unhappy with her husband, but married life isn’t very exciting for a young woman. While out shopping, she sees a girl in her old school’s uniform shoplifting, and, desiring to behave irresponsibly, copies her.

Unfortunately for Mariko, an employee of the store, Tatsuya (this game’s protagonist) sees what she has done. He asks her to step into the back room with him, and examines her bag, revealing the stolen item. He threatens to call her husband and report her to the police, unless she will do something for him…

Desperate to keep her actions from being revealed, Mariko agrees to Tatsuya’s demand. But just a blowjob isn’t enough for him.

He fucks her and threatens to come inside and impregnate her. She begs him not to, so he offers her a deal: if she will say “your penis feels good” ten times, he’ll stop.

Mariko doesn’t quite manage, but Tatsuya reveals that he had an ulterior motive. He was secretly recording them, so he now has a video of Mariko having sex with him while repeatedly saying how good his penis feels.

Tatsuya instructs Mariko to return the next day, if she doesn’t want this video spread around, and so begins her descent into debauchery.

Over the following days, the two continue their illicit affair, Mariko gradually becoming addicted to sex with Tatsuya. They engage in various perversions, from relatively ‘vanilla’ sex in public to more extreme things, such as Tatsuya fucking Mariko with the vegetables she will use in her husband’s dinner.

This game includes 19 CG plus variations. There are just two branch points, leading to three different endings. Depending on the player’s choices, Mariko’s affair may be revealed to her husband or not, but regardless she cannot go back to her boring married life.

This one is a very straightforward netori game. It takes very little effort to get Mariko to cheat on her husband, and little more before she begins to enjoy it. There are no complications for Tatsuya: he lucks into an encounter with a hot, young, bored wife, and everything thereafter just goes swimmingly.

Frankly, this one’s just too brief. But, if you like the sound of it, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a new entry in the series, Manbiki Musume Momoiro Seisai Manbiki Shita JK ni Zaa Jiru Shidou!!, featuring a schoolgirl, due out in a couple of weeks, on 2015-03-27. Red Zone’s website also teases an upcoming third entry, featuring an imouto, but there’s no more information on that one available, so far.

Links and Extras

Sexual Content


Cheating sex is the name of the game, and by the end of it, Mariko is Tatsuya’s woman. Depending on the player’s choices, her husband might even catch her in the act–though she’s too far gone to care, by that point.

Public Sex

Tatsuya and Mariko do it in a sex shop, in a public park, in a restaurant, in the shop where Tatsuya works… they are not shy of public locations.

6 Responses to “Manbiki Musume Momoiro Seisai Manbiki Shita Osanazuma ni Nama Hame Nakadashi!!”

  1. cookies Says:

    Ever thought about reviewing some of Interheart works or One-up? More specifically /v15925 and /v14575


    • David Wood Says:

      I’ve never played anything by Interheart, but I’ll consider them.

      As you can see, it’s been a while since I posted a review. This Spring has been busier than expected. I hope to put up another review before too long, though it will probably be one of the games on my to-review backlog. I’ve had a few requests that I’d like to get to, after that, and I’ll put yours on the list.

      • cookies Says:

        I’m surprised that I actually received a reply. (my dry humor normally comes off as demands over the internet)

        Don’t worry about time constraints, I’ll keep dropping by and checking every so often; I’m still waiting on those to be translated haha. I enjoy your content as you give just the right amount of info to make my own decision without it being a critical analysis and overly wordy to define just a few points. That being said, I think your the best and I can’t ask for more know that you’d, and did, consider my suggestion aswell as others for YOUR porn selection haha. Tl;dr Thanks!

        Also since I have your attention and you mentioned your back log. Will you grace use this the works you’ve picked or will it be a mystery? Or even if

  2. cookies Says:

    You just gave a group of developers, some to distract us, others true, would be pretty nice.

    Will you grace us with*

  3. noname Says:

    blog over, everyone go home?

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