Tsuma Kanraku

Tsuma Kanraku (妻陥落, Official Homepage) is a 2006 visual novel by Autobahn.

The protagonist, Tamura Toshio, is a 41 year old salaryman, married for 17 years, and has two sons in middle school and high school. He also has a secret desire: to see his wife, Kiyomi, fucked by another man.

At a bar, he meets a man who calls himself Kikuchi (Toshi himself claims to be named Tanabe rather than Tamura, not trusting the suspicious-looking man), who, it transpires, is an expert at getting women to cheat on their husbands. He is even hired, he says, to do this for men who want evidence of infidelity for a divorce. He claims to have a success rate of about 30 percent.

Excited at the idea, and more than a little drunk, Toshio shows Kikuchi a picture of Kiyomi, claiming she’s just a woman he has seen on the way to work, and proposes to become his client. Later, he regrets it, but he reasons that of course his wife would never be unfaithful, and as the days pass with no word from Kikuchi, it seems that nothing will come of it.

Then, a week later, he gets an email from Kikuchi: target found. Toshio is shocked and worried. It’s just from behind, but the woman in the photo really seems to be his wife. Anxiously, he waits for the (surely inevitable) message from Kikuchi explaining that he’d failed. Half an hour passes… forty-five minutes… then, another email: I’ll call you in three minutes.

When Toshio answers his phone, he hears the sound of a woman having sex. It can’t be Kiyomi…

He then gets another mail from Kikuchi: tonight, at the usual place.

Attached is a picture of the woman.

After he recovers from the pain of his wife’s apparent infidelity, he calls her. He can’t hear anything out of place in her voice, which reassures him, and he tells her that he has to meet someone after work.

He meets with Kikuchi, and asks if it was really the woman he showed a photo of. Kikuchi insists that if it’s not her, it’s her identical twin, or a doppelganger, or even a copy robot. He offers Toshio an SD card with an audio recording of the event.

That night, while his wife sleeps, Toshio plays the audio. He hears a man and woman having sex. The man teases her about having an affair, and bullies her into saying embarrassing things. “How is my penis, compared to your husband’s?” he asks, and refuses to fuck her until she answers. Finally, she says, “Compared to my husband’s… it’s a huge, thick, black penis. I love it!!” Then she begs him, “I said it… I said it… so put it in! Put it in!”

He fucks her, continuing to tease her about her infidelity. She begs for him to come inside, and he takes the opportunity to extract some personal information from her. She’s 38 years old, has two sons aged 15 and 12, and her husband is a salaryman. Finally, he threatens to stop fucking her unless she’ll say her feelings honestly…

“I’m Tamura Kiyomi, 38 years old, and I love cheating sex! I’m a perverted wife!”

Toshio can no longer deny the truth. His beloved wife is cheating on him. He can do nothing but watch as Kikuchi continues to turn his wife into a perverted sex addict. After this, Kikuchi will make more sound recordings and DVD recordings for Toshio.

Ultimately, Toshi will even hide behind a one-way mirror and secretly watch as his wife is fucked by four men.

Tsuma Kanraku only has three full H scenes with CG, though it does have some voice-only scenes (the recordings mentioned) and a few lone pictures (sent to Toshio’s phone). It’s very short and to the point.

The story is pretty much the prototypical netorase plot, with no frills: the protagonist arranges for a guy to seduce his wife, the guy succeeds, and the protagonist ‘enjoys’ the results. There is pretty much no intervening story between the H sequences, there’s not much of an after story (a few lines of epilogue about Kiyomi making an AV–without even any nudity in the CG), and there’s no alternate route–either stop the thing before it starts for a ‘happy end’, stop in the middle for no ending at all, or else the story goes to its conclusion. Toshio doesn’t confront Kiyomi, and really nothing else happens. The previous Autobahn game that I looked at, Yarimoku Nanpa Beach ~Mitakunakatta Haha no Sugata~, had perhaps even less of a story, but it’s a near thing.

If you want a glorified collection of cheating-themed CG, look no further. Otherwise… look further.

Links and Extras

Sexual Content


This one is all about the cheating. The protagonist arranges for a man to seduce his wife, and the plan goes off without a hitch.

3 Responses to “Tsuma Kanraku”

  1. Cookies! Says:

    Do you take requests? Just wondering cause I can’t find anything on https://vndb.org/v16635. Really interested in this series and there little to none, info for English natives.

    • David Wood Says:

      Sure. Getting information out in English is why I do this–little point to it if I don’t look at games people are actually interested in. That one was actually on my list of potentials, so I’ll move it up.

  2. a Says:

    Well if requests are on the cards, it was your reviews of hypnosis and mind control games that first led me to this site. So more content along those lines would be my request.

    Unless I allow myself to be childish, in which case I would love to see someone attempt to describe the content of something like this https://vndb.org/v16168

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