P☆A Kaichou wa Suki Desu ka? ~Gouman Celeb Tsuma e no Sex Shidou~

P☆A Kaichou wa Suki Desu ka? ~Gouman Celeb Tsuma e no Sex Shidou~ (P☆A会長は好きですか?~傲慢セレブ妻へのセックス指導~, Official Homepage) is a 2013 visual novel by Heiantei.

Sakai Yasumasa is a temporary teacher (or an adjunct or something–the precise meaning of 臨時講師 isn’t clear to me). In his class is Katsuragi Isamu, whose mother, Sayoko, is the head of the PTA. However, Isamu is far from being a model student. He’s always late for class and making trouble. One day, when Isamu is tardy, Yasumasa goes looking for him, and finds him bullying another student, Ukita Hikaru. Yasumasa stops this and forces Isamu to apologize.

Unfortunately, Yasumasa has not heard the last of this incident. Isamu has called his mother and lied about the events, claiming that he was innocent and Yasumasa used corporal punishment. Yasumasa has Hikaru brought in to corroborate his story, but Hikaru, frightened, lies about what happened, and Yasumasa is forced to kneel and apologize to Sayoko.

Later, Isamu is caught shoplifting, and Yasumasa, who is conveniently nearby, tries to smooth things over. Then, Sayoko, who was called in by her son, appears, refusing to accept that Isamu could have done anything wrong, insisting that he must have been forced to do this by someone else–and maybe Yasumasa was just trying to get revenge for the prior events, too!

Later, at school, Hikaru asks to speak to Yasumasa alone. He is very apologetic for lying and causing Yasumasa to look bad, and reveals a digital camera on which he has evidence of Isamu’s wrongdoing. He intends to spread it around, but Yasumasa convinces him to leave it in his hands.

Yasumasa arranges to discuss this with Sayoko. He goes to her house, but when she hears what he’s there for, and even seeing the evidence, she will not believe that her son has done anything wrong, nor will she make him apologize. She offers to buy off Yasumasa, but he refuses–if Isamu won’t sincerely apologize for what he’s done wrong, he’ll never learn better, after all. Yasumasa tells Sayoko that he’ll be passing this information to the principal, and leaves.

Later, he receives a call from Sayoko, who apologizes for her behavior, and wants to talk again. She offers to meet him at a nearby hotel. They have a meal, including some alcohol, and Sayoko seems to have had too much to drink. She sends him to get her a room so that she can rest, so she won’t be seen in public in this state. When they enter the room, she reveals that she was faking it–she was never drunk, she only intended to put Yasumasa in an incriminating situation, so that she could claim he was trying to extort sexual favors from her.

Yasumasa, angry at her duplicitous behavior, turns things around on her, though–he forces himself on her, and threatens to reveal to her husband that she has cheated on him. In the end, she is overwhelmed with pleasure, but no more happy about what has happened.

The next day, they come to an agreement. Yasumasa can make use of her body as he sees fit. In exchange, he will delete one of incriminating images each time.

She tries to trick him by having Isamu force Hikaru to call out Yasumasa while she is in his apartment, so that she can delete the images herself, but it doesn’t work, and he retaliates by either having anal sex with her, or forcing her to talk with her son on the phone while they’re fucking.

Sex in front of others is a common theme in this one. Depending on the player’s choices, Yasumasa might fuck Sayoko beside her sleeping husband.

Or he may fuck her in her son’s room, while streaming a video on the web.

Or he can fuck her in her bathroom, while she has to talk to her son (who has come to beg for money).

In the end, Sayoko has become addicted to the pleasure, and wants to continue their arrangement even after all of the evidence has been destroyed.

Two endings are possible. In one, he makes Sayoko his bitch (quite literally–she wears a tail and dog ears) and fucks her at Isamu’s school.

In the other, he goes to the beach with Sayoko, who is pregnant with his child, and fucks her while she talks to her husband on the phone (she claims she’s just getting a massage).

This one is just a straightforward nukige. After the setup, which I described extensively above, the rest of the ‘story’ is just enough text to string together the H scenes. It’s not bad, really–about average for this kind of game. Which is far from a ringing endorsement, I know. Still, check it out if it appeals to you.

Links and Extras

Sexual Content


Ahegao features in nearly every scene.


Yasumasa steals Sayoko away from her husband and son. He fucks her while in bed beside her sleeping husband, or while she’s on the phone with either her son or husband. In one ending, he impregnates her.

Public Sex

There’s a whole variety of public sex in this one. Yasumasa fucks Sayoko while she’s at her son’s school, while in bed beside her sleeping husband, while she talks to her son through a door, while on the phone with her husband or son, while on camera broadcasting on the internet, and in front of others in a public park.

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