Houkago Josou Tsundere Bitch ~Aitsu wa Boku no Sexfriend… Datta no ni?!~

Houkago Josou Tsundere Bitch ~Aitsu wa Boku no Sexfriend… Datta no ni?!~ (放課後女装☆ツンデレビッチ ~アイツは僕のセックスフレンド…だったのに?!~, Official Homepage) is a 2013 visual novel from Otoko no Ko Club.

This VN has the same main characters as the previous year’s Houkago Josou Net Idol ~Minna no Tame no Sei Pet~, though this one focuses on Tsubasa, rather than Kei. Tsubasa sees Kei talking to Yuusuke, who is his childhood friend, and decides that it would be fun to steal him from Kei.

Tsubasa dresses up in a girl’s school uniform, and pretends to be a student from another school who admires Yuusuke. After a blowjob and a footjob, Tsubasa’s secret is revealed. This turns out not to be as big of a deal as Tsubasa expected, though. It turns out that there’s nothing between Kei and Yuusuke, and Yuusuke, in turn, confesses to Tsubasa. Tsubasa rejects him, offering instead to be his sex friend.

Yuusuke isn’t happy with this state of affairs, so Kei offers to train him so that he can make Tsubasa his. Now, that’s a dedicated friend!

The training works, and soon Tsubasa accepts Yuusuke’s confession, and the two of them are fucking all over the school.

In the end, Tsubasa and Yuusuke, accompanied by Kei and Akito (another character from the previous game), go to the beach. There, we see some sex on the beach between Yuusuke and Tsubasa.

If you’ve chosen to have Tsubasa more deredere than tsuntsun, then the game will continue after the credits roll, including foursome scenes with some partner swapping.

More amusingly, Akito (who, in the last game, was very much the dominant partner) will get shrunk down into a proper otoko no ko (this term’s a bit useless in English, but in Japanese it’s sort of a pun because the ‘ko’ means daughter rather than child, so it reads ‘male daughter’ rather than ‘boy’, and means crossdresser or, better, ‘trap’… just trust me on this… anyway, it’s where Otoko no Ko Club’s name comes from), and he’ll get fucked by the other three.

So, this is another yaoi shota title from Otoko no Ko Club. I don’t think they’ve done any straight shota since about 2010, so that shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s just a nukige, and it’s nothing special as a nukige. The scenes at the end are the high points, only because they’re a bit more imaginative than something like ‘boring blowjob’.

I only bothered to look at this one because I had already reviewed the last one, and I wouldn’t recommend it in general. On the other hand, if you like yaoi shota (and Otoko no Ko Club’s style in particular) and just want a straightforward nukige, I suppose this one will do.

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