Akizuki-ke no Jusei Irai ―Ninshin Suru made Kurikaesareru, Tsuma to Ani to no Sex―

Akizuki-ke no Jusei Irai ―Ninshin Suru made Kurikaesareru, Tsuma to Ani to no Sex― (秋月家の受精依頼 ―妊娠するまで繰り返される、妻と兄とのセックス―, Official Homepage) is a 2014 visual novel by Past Gadget.

The protagonist, Hideaki, has a problem: he is unable to get his wife, Tomomi, pregnant. Fortunately, he also has a solution: he’ll allow his older brother, Soichi, to impregnate his wife. It’s embarrassing, but it’s the only way.

So, he invites his brother over when his wife is ovulating and convinces him to do the deed in his place. Tomomi has a plan: she’ll get her husband’s brother just to the point of ejaculation with her mouth, then he can stick it in and impregnate her, with minimal actual sex required. Unfortunately, this doesn’t go so well. She loses her nerve and Soichi ends up coming in her mouth. Oops. Better luck next month.

The next month, Soichi advises that they should avoid what happened last time by just doing it in the usual way. He instructs Tomomi to remove just her underwear and lie on the couch. A bit of lotion as a lubricant and he’s able to inseminate Tomomi in short order. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take. Well, there’s always next month.

The next time, Soichi suggests that the lotion might have been the cause of their failure. Natural lubrication would be better, so this time, perhaps they should try a little foreplay. Tomomi hesitantly agrees, and Soichi tells her to let him do it from behind, so it’ll be less embarrassing. By the time he puts it in, Tomomi is feeling very good, and she can’t keep her voice down. Hideaki, in an unfortunately curious mood, chooses this time to come and see what’s taking them so long.

He secretly spies on them, and, much to his dismay, hears Tomomi’s cries. It was bad enough that another man was impregnating his wife, but to realize that she’s enjoying the fucking is just too much. It awakens an odd feeling in him…

Despite trying twice to be sure that Tomomi will become pregnant, this month’s attempt, too, is unsuccessful.

Tomomi, embarrassed by her lack of self-control (she enjoyed being fucked by a man other than her husband!), convinces Hideaki that the next time, she and Soichi should go to a love hotel. It’s just too uncomfortable doing it in the house, knowing her husband is right upstairs. He agrees, so she meets Soichi at a love hotel, where they engage in some sex that is as much about pleasure as procreation.

They shower and she calls her husband, to tell him she’ll be coming home. While she’s talking to him, though, Soichi asks her to do it again. It takes her about a second to realize what he’s asking, and then she tells her husband, “Sorry. To make sure I get pregnant soon, we’re going to do it again. Don’t worry if I get back late.” She then immediately hangs up on him.

Soichi teases Tomomi about how eager she was to fuck. She protests, weakly, that she just wants to get pregnant quickly, but Soichi doesn’t buy it. He tries to get her to kiss him, but she’s not willing to go that far.

When Tomomi tells her husband that Soichi wanted to kiss her, his jealousy becomes unbearable. He invites his brother over for dinner, then tells him that he wants to watch him kiss his wife. Then, he instructs them to have sex, even though it’s not a ‘dangerous’ day for her. Tomomi, overwhelmed by desire and the realization that her husband is enjoying this, agrees.

Knowing that it turns her husband on to see his brother fucking her, Tomomi does it in front of him several more times. She even gives him a blowjob while Soichi fucks her, once.

One day, Hideaki comes home to find his wife fucking his brother in the bath. She explains that he just happened to stop by, and she thought it’d be easier to get pregnant if they didn’t bother sticking to the times she was ovulating. Besides, doesn’t Hideaki like to see her fucking other men? She offers to give him a blowjob, like she did the other day, but Hideaki flees. She’s neither surprised nor particularly bothered by this, and it doesn’t stop her from bringing her current occupation to a satisfying conclusion.

All this fucking made it pretty inevitable that Tomomi would eventually get pregnant. She doesn’t let that stop her from fucking Soichi, though. Hideaki, too, has settled into his role, watching his brother fucking his pregnant wife. Tomomi couldn’t be happier.

Whew! I left out a few scenes, of course, but that’s pretty much the complete story. You’ll notice that I never mentioned any branches: that’s because this is a kinetic novel. That is, there are no choices, you just watch the story play out  from start to finish. It’s not bad, really. Nothing surprising happens, of course. It’s a pretty formulaic piece of NTR writing, to be honest, but most visual novels are pretty formulaic, so I doubt that will deter NTR fans.

This is, I believe the first visual novel that Past Gadget has ever done. Before this, they did illustrated stories (that is, CG sets with words on them–you’ve seen them before, no doubt) like this one, the title of which is approximately “Beloved Mother’s Transformation -My Best Friend Changed My Mother into a Woman-“. Their first venture into visual novels is pretty competent, so let’s hope they get some more practice.


Sexual Content


Netorare is the name of the game: the protagonist, Hideaki, is impotent, so he asks his older brother, Souichi, to impregnate his wife, Tomomi. Eventually, this goal falls to the wayside as Tomomi succumbs to the pleasure.

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