Manamusume no Kare Mama to no Inmitsu Koubi ~Oku-san, Baresou na no ga Koufun Surun Daro?~

Manamusume no Kare Mama to no Inmitsu Koubi ~Oku-san, Baresou na no ga Koufun Surun Daro?~ (愛娘の彼ママとの淫蜜交尾 ~奥さん、バレそうなのが興奮するんだろ?~, Official Homepage) is a 2014 visual novel by Appetite.


Yasuki (like pretty much every eroge protagonist) is unsatisfied with his sex life. On his daughter, Nanaka’s, birthday, he and his wife, Noriko, invite their neighbours over: the wife, Kanae; her husband, Seiji; and their son, Hayato. It gets late and Kanae goes to tell Hayato that it’s time to leave, while Yasuki heads for the toilet. But he sees something odd…


Kanae, standing outside his daughter’s room, masturbating. He sneaks up behind her and peeks in to see what has her so interested, to find that his daughter and Kanae’s son are doing a little ‘celebrating’ of their own. Not one to waste an opportunity, Yasuki ‘lends a hand’, even timing his movements to Hayato’s thrusts. Unfortunately, Yasuki and Kanae don’t get time to finish, since their spouses begin to wonder what’s keeping them.

The next day, Yasuki encounters Kanae on the elevator, and takes the opportunity for some elevator sex. At length, he asks Kanae if she’d like to make this a regular thing, and she agrees. Score!

Here follows the game’s single choice. There are two paths to take: Yasuki can conduct his dalliances in either his own home or Kanae’s. If you pick Kanae’s home, what follows is a series of H scenes in which the two avoid being caught by her husband and son. For example…


Kanae calls her husband at work while Yasuki fucks her.


She’s rubbed to orgasm while trying to convince her son that she just needs some rest.


She even fucks Yasuki on the veranda while chatting with her husband about groceries.


At the end, some time in the future, she’s even got a vibrator inserted as Kanaka is about to marry her son.

If, on the other hand, you choose to have Yasuki getting together with Kanae at his house, it’s Noriko who they must avoid. Although avoid isn’t quite the right word, as you’ll see.


At first they do some fairly ordinary risky things, like Kanae giving Yasuki a blowjob under the desk while he talks to his wife. But merely having sex while near his wife isn’t enough for Yasuki. He buys some sex toys, telling Noriko that he wants to spice up their sex life.


Then, while Noriko is wearing a blindfold and earmuffs, so she cannot see or hear what is really happening, Yasuki calls in Kanae, who eats his wife out while Yasuki does the same for her.


Then, he has Kanae put on a strapon and fuck his wife from behind, while he fucks her ass. Noriko, none the wiser, enjoys the vigorous fucking she receives.


This path hasn’t got such a happy ending as the other. One day, while Yasuki is fucking Kanae, his wife and daughter walk in on them. Bad luck, Yasuki.

As always from Appetite, this is just a nukige, but this one, I liked. The threesome with Kanae and Noriko was very hot, and the other scenes were pretty good, too. This is the best VN that I’ve played, from Appetite. My description was pretty thorough, so if it sounds like your thing, definitely check it out.

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