Kasou Shinshoku ~Virtual Hack Online~

Kasou Shinshoku ~Virtual Hack Online~ (仮・想・侵・蝕~Virtual Hack Online~, Official Homepage) is a 2014 visual novel by PriSorT.

The protagonist, Mitsuda Keiji, plays a virtual reality game called The Another World (or TAW), as the character Gilbert Kethra. He suffers a humiliating defeat at the hands of three other players, Kristina Arcadelt, Ulrika Heidenstam, and Kusanagi Tomoe. Determined to get his revenge, he buys a hacking program that promises to let him alter any character he chooses. Using this program, he learns that the three characters are played by girls from his school, Haba Shiori, Karino Kiyoka, and Miyakoshi Mio. Since they’re so close at hand, Keiji decides to get his revenge on both the characters and the players. The hacking program has the ability to alter a player’s memories. He uses this to repeatedly rape the girls in-game, while making them forget what he’s been doing. This does still impact the girls, though, and carries over to a degree of fear of and obedience to Keiji, in the real world. Using the hacking program, he brings the characters into private areas, then plays the part of monsters and bystanders as he rapes the characters and trains the players to be his sex slaves.

Your choices are limited to selecting which girl to pursue, each day, and then choosing what kind of sexual act to engage in. As you complete more of the sexual acts, new ones become available. Once you’ve completed all of them, for a particular girl, you get an ending. Each act may be selected only once in a given play-through.

The first set of options has Gilbert defeat each character (by cheating) and then rape them. Later options include:

Raping the girls with monsters.

Raping them after capturing them during events.

Publicly humiliating (and possibly raping) them.

Using boss monsters to rape them.

And, finally, disgracing them by destroying their reputations and having them raped by members of their guilds. While all this is happening in TAW, the real girls playing the characters are being affected by these events, even if they can’t remember them. Keiji takes advantage of this, as well.

Keiji bullies the girls into stripping…

giving him a blowjob…

and eventually fucking him.

Once at least two girls’ routes have been finished, scenes open up with threesomes or foursomes, both in TAW and in the real world. The game’s options, once unlocked, can be explored in any order–it doesn’t impact how the story turns out if you choose to do ‘defeat rape 2’ before ‘monster rape 1’, or vice-versa, nor does it matter which girl you chose to focus on, or if you spread your ‘love’ around equally. This game is really too repetitive–each girl’s ‘route’ goes pretty much the same as the other two, with some variations on the poses. It’s really just the same story three times. The art’s not too bad, and I did like Tomoe’s character design, but the story’s too thin to be interesting, and they didn’t really do much with the ability to change the characters and their memories. There’s a breast expansion scene with Ulrika, and of course their memories do get wiped after each rape, but that’s pretty much it. They could have done so much more, if they were interested in telling a story, but it’s clear that the story was just an excuse to show off the CG. If you’re looking for a nukige to scratch your .hack or Sword Art Online itch, this might do it, but if you want any kind of story, you’d do better with Seven Online Gamers or pretty much anything else that’s not a nukige.

Links and Extras

Sexual Content


There are a couple of futanari scenes, in the virtual world.

Mind Control

Type: Memory Modfication

The protagonist buys a hacking program for a virtual reality game that lets him edit other players’ memories. He uses this to rape them in-game, then make them forget, using this effect to train them to be his sex slaves in the real world.

Public Sex

Most of the ‘public’ stuff is really in private on the virtual reality game, with fake spectators created by the protagonist, but there’s some semi-public stuff in the real world, too.


Slime monster rape and tentacle rape.


There’s basically just the futa stuff that happens in the virtual reality. Well, he does have sex with more than one of them at once, but that doesn’t really count.

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