Upcoming: Rinkai Gakuen

Rinkai Gakuen (凛戒学園, Official Homepage) is an upcoming visual novel by Frill, scheduled for release on 2014-02-28.


The protagonist, Kurosawa Takashi, is a physician. Seven years ago, when he was a med student, he met the young Takamine Rin at a party.


She was concerned for her younger sister, Yuuna, who had a weak heart, and he offered to drive her to her home. Secretly, he drugged her.


Unfortunately for Takashi, the drug must not have been potent enough, because she woke up before he could do anything very interesting. This earned him her eternal scorn, but he swore he’d have her, one day. He even switched his specialty to heart surgery.


Seven years later, Takashi is Yuuna’s trusted physician. His plans for Rin are about to come to fruition…


Takashi secretly feeds Yuuna a sedative. When she collapses, later, Rin panics, and he blackmails her into becoming his slave in exchange for treating Yuuna. He orders her to give him a blowjob, while he records it.


Later, he gives her an ecchi bathing suit to wear, so she’s forced to show off her body to her classmates, and, when they’re alone, he fucks her on the beach.


He’s not content with just Rin, either. He shows Yuuna the video of Rin giving him a blowjob, explaining that he was blackmailing Rin, using Yuuna as his bargaining chip. Yuuna, horrified, offers to substitute herself for Rin. Takashi accepts, and introduces Yuuna to irrumatio.


Later, he convinces Yuuna that she should practice swimming, to improve her health. The sight of her pussy under her bathing suit is too much for him to resist (not that he tries to), and poor Yuuna is shocked when he turns an innocent swimming lesson into a chance for sex. Good thing he had the foresight to dose her with an aphrodisiac.


He also goes for Rin’s friend Marina, a model. He fucks her, but the second condom he uses fails. Oh, how unfortunate!


For Marina, anyway. If she takes a morning-after pill within a couple of days, it should be okay. Naturally, Takashi is prepared to give her one… in exchange for her cooperation.


He shares her around with some “Oji-samas”. She seems to be enjoying herself, doesn’t she?


Rin’s classmate Saori, an athlete, has been taking a supplement that, Takashi tells her, will get her disqualified from competition. He offers her a special mixture to get it out of her system… but not for free. She hasn’t got money enough, so she’ll have to  pay him with her body. They begin with a massage–which will help the medicine work better, as a bonus. Of course, the medicine he gave her was an aphrodisiac.


Later, he tells her that they’ll be going out on the beach. But she doesn’t have her bathing suit! Not to worry, Takashi is prepared. He paints on a (very convincing, apparently) bathing suit, and they hit the beach.


After a bit of stimulation, Saori’s unable to resist Takashi’s penis. She become quite the pervert! Of course, it may have something to do with the aphrodisiac he’s been dosing her with.


Rin’s homeroom teacher, Kyouka, is suspicious of Takashi. She intends to report him to the police, but he manages to inject her with a sedative that he carried for just such an emergency. He forces an aphrodisiac on her, then overwhelms her with pleasure.


This is a pretty huge trial, containing ten scenes, as you see. If you’d like to play it yourself, you can download the trial here.

5 Responses to “Upcoming: Rinkai Gakuen”

  1. seto Says:

    You know the “AGTH CODE” this game? Or you know Japanese?

    • David Wood Says:

      Sorry, since this game’s quite new (and had only a trial available when I wrote this preview), it seems no one has found an AGTH code for it, yet. If I should come across one, though, I’ll provide it.

      • seto Says:


      • Nerrow Says:

        It says the game is Japan only how do we fix that?

      • David Wood Says:

        That can typically be solved in one of several ways:

        1. Run it with NTLEA or another tool to set the locale to Japan. This is sometimes enough.
        2. Run it in a Japanese version of the OS (and probably with a Japanese time zone set). This can be done in a virtual machine.
        3. Get a patch to let it run anyway. These will generally be specific to the game in question.

        Good luck.

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