Saiminjutsu 3

Saiminjutsu 3 (催眠術3, Official Homepage) is a 2013 visual novel by Fudegaki Soft, which is made up of people from Black Rainbow, who made the previous games in this series. In the fine tradition of nukige in general, and this series in particular, the protagonist gains the ability to use hypnosis, and uses it to have sex with whomever he pleases.

The Setup

The protagonist of this story is Fukamachi Satoru. A high school student, not terribly handsome, a member of the movie research club. He lives with his aunt, Kaori, and his uncle (his father’s younger brother), Katsunori. When Satoru was very young, his parents, both having affairs, split up, abandoning him. His father considered him to belong to his mother, and his mother, her new lover’s child already on the way, considered him to belong to her former husband. Satoru’s aunt and uncle kindly took him in and treated him as their child, though he still calls them by name.

Satoru has a friend his age, Junichi, who is a member of the soccer club. Jun has a bracon younger sister, Suzu, and a mother, Yumiko.

Satoru’s class president, Satsuki, has a crush on Jun. Meanwhile, Satoru has a crush on the president of the movie research club, Tsubasa.

One day, while looking through old movies in the club room, Satoru discovers a film purporting to teach hypnosis to the viewer. Uninterested, he ignores it.

Later on, at his uncle’s encouragement, Satoru confesses to Tsubasa, asking her on a date to see a movie. She rejects him, and he’s crushed, but he perseveres, suggesting that they can still go as friends, if they invite some others to go with them. Tsubasa agrees, and Satoru, knowing how Satsuki feels about Jun, invites the two of them to go along, intending it to be like a double date.

When Tsubasa arrives as they’ve arranged and sees Jun, she makes an excuse and leaves immediately, without seeing the movie. Jun and Satsuki are confused by her behavior, but Satoru recognizes it–she likes Jun, rather than him. This is too much for him to bear, so he decides to learn hypnosis from the film, and solve his problems that way.

It’s a new day. Who will Satoru hypnotize today? His aunt, Kaori? Jun’s sister, Suzu? His sempai, Tsubasa? Or his class president, Satsuki? You decide…

Actually Playing the Game

I’m always wondering if reading your average VN counts as ‘playing’ a ‘game’. Oh well.

The format for this one is simple: each day, you choose who you want to focus on. Sometimes, that will affect only the current day, and sometimes, it’ll carry on through subsequent days. For each heroine, you may choose (once, near the beginning) whether you be careful and take things slowly, or to give in to your urges and change whatever you want. These more or less correspond to ‘light’ and ‘dark’ routes, respectively.

In general, you can switch between the heroines each day–their stories are self-contained. Eventually, once you’ve chosen a particular heroine enough times, the story will proceed toward her ending, and you can’t pick the others, anymore. There are rarely further choices, beyond this point.

The Plot and the Porn

I’m sure few people are looking at this hoping for a wall of text, so let’s look at what these choices get you. I’ll give some representative screenshots. Don’t read the text if you don’t want anything spoiled.

In Kaori’s route, depending on how you go, Satoru uses one of several methods to convince her to have sex with him. Eventually, he’ll want to have her all to himself, to the exclusion of his uncle.

Satsuki’s route can go in one of two major ways. In the ‘light’ route, Satoru offers to help her catch Jun, and uses hypnosis to convince her that certain things are perfectly normal–like holding a dick between your breasts when talking to someone, which is much more comfortable than just standing around fully clothed. Or masturbating while having such discussions.

In the ‘dark’ route, he tells her about hypnosis, suggesting they use it to help achieve their goals. They will hypnotize the girls around Jun, to stop them from pursuing him, and even punish them for their impure intentions. Eventually, both Jun and Satsuki will be hypnotized, dancing to Satoru’s tune.

Tsubasa wants to be an action movie star. In the light route, Satoru convinces her that she really wants to be an adult movie star, so the two of them get plenty of practice making adult movies.

In the dark route, Satoru just uses hypnosis to rape Tsubasa and her friend Shouko. Ultimately, Tsubasa will be his sex slave.

In Suzu’s light route, Satoru convinces her that she can talk to him to find out about the girls around Jun, since he’s Jun’s best friend. There’s a little trickery: pictured above, you see Suzu convinced that it’s perfectly normal to play board games in the nude. Satoru ensures that Suzu feels happy and comfortable when she’s around him, and thereby convinces her that she’s in love with him. Naturally, there will be plenty of sex for the young lovers. It’s a happy ending for both of them, if you ignore the fact that he used hypnosis to make it happen.

Suzu’s dark route is much darker. Honestly, I didn’t like it–too dark for my tastes. It can go more than one way, but essentially he just rapes her while using hypnosis to prevent her from telling anyone. To make it worse, he hypnotizes her family so they won’t understand what’s happening, which leads to Suzu’s mother happily helping Satoru rape her. It’s at least as horrifying as I’ve described it. Perhaps some people will prefer this kind of route, but it’s not for me.

In Suzu’s route, Satoru will also have the opportunity to hypnotize Suzu’s mother, Yumiko. Here, she’s cleaning up an imaginary coffee stain from Satoru’s underwear.

My Thoughts

I’ve avoided giving away too many details about the plot, so this may be a little lacking in context, but I suppose it’ll be all right.

As for the plot, it’s basically just average. Not terrible, for a nukige, but definitely nothing special. As I said above, Suzu’s dark route was way too unpleasant for me, and that pretty much goes for Tsubasa’s dark route, as well. Kaori’s light route has a bittersweet sort of ending which I think was pretty fitting. Satsuki’s dark route was very interesting, but I think its potential was not fully explored. The idea of Satoru involving the girl in hypnosis (even though he is lying about a lot of details) definitely could have been taken further.

My favorite route for this one is probably Kaori’s, just because it has a reasonable story progression and resolution. Satsuki’s dark route would easily take the top spot if it’d been a little better developed, but there just wasn’t enough time.

That is actually my major complaint, here: the story is too rushed. Since there’s a fairly substantial event scene after each choice, there isn’t really any time for buildup. The story would have worked better if it’d been stretched out a bit, but that wasn’t happening. I know, I’m applying regular-story standards to porn, again, which isn’t really fair. You know what, though? Life’s not fair.

The scenario is written by NATORI烏賊, who also wrote pretty much all of BLACKRAINBOW’s other hypnosis-related works (including the previous entries in this series), so it’s no surprise that the story in this one pretty much feels the same as those.

The art, too, is done by the same person who drew art for the previous games, 吉野恵子. I’ve got no complaints, here. Fairly attractive character designs competently executed.

I’ve got just a bit more to say. It’s really annoying trying to get the last lousy CG in visual novels, am I right? This one’s no exception. It’s only recently been released, so there’s no walkthrough that I’ve seen. For those who are wondering, the main problem is that the dark routes end in a game over if you go for them directly. You need to spend a few days on someone else’s route first, before starting a dark route, or you’ll just see this:

Bad end. Do not pass go, do not collect 20,000 yen. This is kind of annoying–these routes aren’t unlocked by completing other routes, as far as I can tell–if you want to see the conclusion of Suzu’s dark route, you’ll have to spend a little time with the other girls, first. Lots of backtracking was involved in getting to 100% and unlocking the extra scenarios. Incidentally, those extra scenarios are pretty minor. You’re not missing much if you ignore them.

To sum it all up: Saiminjtsu 3 isn’t bad, but I think I liked Saiminjutsu 2 and Saimin Gakuen better. It’s been about six years since Saiminjutsu 2, so while a new entry in the series is welcome, it’s a shame it couldn’t have been a little better. If you were a fan of the previous visual novels, you won’t go wrong with this one, but you won’t find anything startlingly new and creative, either.

3 Responses to “Saiminjutsu 3”

  1. The guy with no sense. Says:

    Maybe you can try Gitai Saimin and Soukan Yuugi 1 & 2 from Black Rainbow.

  2. Saiminjutsu Re | Not Out of the Woods Says:

    […] overview of the game. So, what’s my overall impression? I think it’s about on par with Saiminjutsu 3, which is to say that it’s not the best game in the series, but it’s not too bad. My […]

  3. Datguy Says:

    Well it is still a thousand times better than the previous cuckold shit.

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