Deku Mama

Deku Mama (でくママ, Official Homepage) is a visual novel by Studio Kame in which the protagonist decides that the best way to deal with his nagging mother is to have sex with her.

The protagonist in Deku Mama is annoyed by his nagging mother, and tired of just looking at porn. Being a genius, he decides to kill two birds with one stone, and have sex with his mother, figuring getting her to lay him will also get her to lay off him.

Yep, genius.

This one’s a very linear nukige–you can either make the choice that lets you proceed, or else reach a short and empty ending. I spent around an hour on it, including checking to see if there were any worthwhile bad ends, and in general, that seemed like more time than it deserved.

The story’s not much. The protagonist decides he wants to fuck his mother, so he buys some aphrodisiac lotion and uses the tried and true nukige technique of telling his mother he wants to see her naked, and then saying that he really wants to see her naked when she balks. Problem solved. Result: one naked mother.

He takes this further as the game progresses, in the usual sexual training fashion–more extreme sex, sex in public, letting others have sex with her, recording her, impregnating her. At the end they make a video of the protagonist having sex with his pregnant mother to send to his father.

The artwork is fair, and the story certainly doesn’t get in the way of the sex, so if you want a nukige with incest, Deku Mama is pretty much exactly that and no more. As usual, if you’re looking for story, this isn’t going to do it for you.

Links and Extras

Sexual Content


Each scene in this one tends to have the heroine displaying ahegao at some point.


Type: Blood-related Mother/Son

The only heroine in this game is the protagonist’s mother.

Public Sex

As part of his mother’s sexual training, the protagonist puts a leash on her and leads her around outside, including forcing her to pee outdoors, and they have sex. He also forces her to have sex outdoors with others.

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