Otoko no Ko Rape ~Choukyou Samen de AheAhe Before⇒After~

Otoko no Ko Rape ~Choukyou Samen de AheAhe Before⇒After~ (男の娘レイプ ~調教ザーメンでアヘアヘBefore⇒After~, Official Homepage) by Otoko no Ko Soft is a visual novel in which the protagonist rapes a few traps.

You know that summary I gave above? Yeah, that’s pretty much the whole story.

There are six ‘heroines’, and each has one basic CG with a few variations, and that’s it. Notably for this sort of game, the game is voiced. That along with the competent artwork is all this game really has going for it. It’s not really worth the trouble, unless you just want a few more pictures of traps being raped for your collection.

Links and Extras

Sexual Content


This one’s a bit unusual: it’s got ahegao on male characters. Well, they’re traps, but still. Each of the ‘heroines’ has three states, to wit: not having fun, having fun, ahegao. So, one third of the game is ahegao CG.


All of the ‘heroines’ are traps.

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