Nikutai Sousa

Nikutai Sousa (肉体操作, Official Homepage) by All-Time is a visual novel in which (as the title, roughly Body Manipulation, implies) the protagonist gains the ability to control other people’s bodies.

Initially, Kazuki accidentally discovers that he is able to force others to stop moving, and his ability quickly grows more powerful, until he is eventually able to simply give a person generic orders and have them followed. This is a little distinct from other games of this sort, which usually utilise some form of hypnosis or drugs which can ultimately alter the mind as well. Not so in Nikutai Sousa–the target’s mind is fully intact, but his or her body is forced to move according to Kazuki’s will.

I didn’t care for this one. The bulk of the game consists of Kazuki getting revenge on either Miori or Sora, which didn’t grip me. Some of the situations were more interesting than others, but I pretty much didn’t care for the game generally. I liked Sora’s route better than Miori’s. I gather that there were a few scenes with the sub-heroines that I didn’t get, but I’m not convinced they’d have been much more interesting, so I didn’t bother. I got almost all of Sora’s scenes, and about half of Miori’s and the others before dropping this one.

Basically, Nikutai Sousa is too light on plot for my taste, and the H scenes weren’t quite my style either. It might be good if you like revenge and public humiliation, but otherwise, give it a miss.

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